About Us

Originally founded in 2009, Riotska Records is an independent, politically conscious record label based in Bristol, UK.

True to the form of most DIY collectives, we forego contracts, preferring a platform of mutual trust and respect with a solid network of DIY musicians, individuals and labels we work with. We are a non-profit organisation and all money made is pumped back in to funds any future music enterprises. Our label supports bands of varied musical genres, including punk, hardcore, dub and so on..

Without the support and encouragement of all of you out there we would not be able to keep Riotska Records going, so any contribution you can give us is always greatly appreciated, whether it is a purchase from our web store, attending one of our gigs, or simply recommending one our hardworking bands to a friend and sharing their music wherever/whenever you can.

Thanks for stopping by and cheers for the support.

Riotska Records