Atterkop EP is out now with Piss On Authority’s on the horizon

So the Atterkop EP has officially been released – if anarchic ska punk with dub is your thing then we highly recommend grabbing it, in the light of the release Atterkop have also been confirmed to play this years Boomtown Fair along side NOFX, Inner Terrestrials, Culture Shock, Autonomads, Faintest Idea and many more.

You can grab the EP here – CLICK ME TO GRAB 

Also in other news the Dead City Riot / Atterkop UK tour is shaping up nicely with just a few dates left to book. The mainland euro dates will be announced shortly after the UK leg.

Also we are edging closer and closer to the release of Piss On Authority’s split EP with Ephemeral Foetus which is titled ‘Fallacy’ for fans of Heavy Hardcore and Anarcho Crust. It is actually impossible to pin a genre on POA. They are just heavy, riffy, loud and good!