Black Star Dub Collective

Black Star Dub Collective

Black Star Dub Collective formed in the cold Winter of 2009/2010 with a desire to express their love of soundsystem culture. Forming in Manchester’s vibrant squat scene on Rusholme’s Dickenson Road the bands line up snowballed in to a full blown collective of members and participants who wanted to take their love of dub/reggae/roots and dancehall music to the next level. As well as wanting to sound there musical influences BSDC wanted to voice their social and political concerns to a wider audience combining bass heavy tunes with a tuff and radical political message.

After six months of constant gigging and touring including a tour of France the band released a split 12” on Pumpkin Records with dub punks Autonomads entitled ‘From Rusholme with Dub’ paying homage to their stamping ground. The band continued to gig heavily including a tour of Holland and festival appearances in summer 2012 alongside Bush Chemists, Mungos Hifi, and Dubkasm to name but a few. Now with their debut record almost totally sold out  and a 7” single produced by Manchester reggae legend Nucleus Roots productions under their belt, they have recorded and moments away from releasing their next 12″ single in which we, Riot Ska Records are VERY fortunate to be a part of – it will be a collective effort involving many labels. Stay tuned.

Mike – Vocalizing
Mozza – Sub Bass
Perkins – Guitar
Matt – Guitar + Production
Bo – Drums + Percussion
Johno- Keys, Organs, Melodica + Vocals
Gary T- Space Echo + Samples
Beanie – Keys, Harmonies, Alto Saxophone
OL- Percussion + Drums
Jimmy Dread- Trombone
Boonie – Melodica
Carly Jan – Vocals
Marios – Live Sound
Luke BD7- Live Sound
Herbal – Blue Sheets
Kenny – Remixes
Janine- Vocals
Joe Yorke- Vocals + Whistles
Alejandro- Soprano Saxophone