With over 160 gigs in the last 4 years, Foolish refuse to count the hours that they spent in their van. Having toured the majority of Europe inside out they have had the chance to share the stages with some amazing bands such as The Flatliners (can), Death is not Glamourous (nor), Antillectual (Nl), Turbo Acs(Usa), Big D and the kids table (usa) and many more.

Since their inception in 2008, Foolish have been playing an original blend Punk rock with some Skacore roots. As their sound and minds have matured they have began to draft in the sound of the early 90’s Pop Punk/Hardcore and apply it to their well oiled machine.

After releasing their first demo in 2008, shortly followed by an EP released in 2009 and then their 1st album in 2011 Foolish are now working on their new album that will be out mid of 2013. As a band they have always had one goal. that goal is to tour as much as possible and to not leave a corner of the world untouched. The future looks bright for Foolish as they are laying the foundations for multiple tours in the next 12 months which will require them to take Canada, Russia, Ukraine and U.K. by the horns.


Aleksi: Lead Vocal
Julien: Guitar / Back Vocals
Nono: Bass / Back Vocals
Enki: Drums