Piss On Authority

Piss On Authority

Hailing from Birmingham and forming in 1995,the original P.O.A line up consisted of Mart (guitar) Pix (drums) and Jon (bass) with second guitar duties going to Craig aka “Wig” younger brother of Mart in ’96.
Although still a fledgling band,they amassed an impressive array of tracks,ranging from brattish,snot fused street punk to the jack boot stomp of the “Oi” sound,while the searing venom,which would later come to devastating fruition on The Fear Of War album,was already apparent to all who saw them live or heard any P.O.A material around this time.

The young Punk upstarts started to forge a formidable reputation on the Brum Punk/HC scene and around the Midlands circuit for their energetic,spikey blasts of punk in a scene,which included the likes of the mighty Police Bastard ,Freebase and KnuckleDust and quickly securing support slots with all of the above aswell as GBH, UK Subs, SUBHUMANS, and Discharge.

In 1997,the band then set about recording a batch of new tracks for a demo with the working title of “Chaos 97” many of the tracks from these studio sessions and rehearsals would eventually appear on their debut Ep “Let Em Burn” (Released in 98 on Problem Child Records) and a successfull tour of germany followed. Upon returning from Germany,the band were then dealt a setback with the departure of guitarist Craig but were soon gathering momentum once again with the arrival of new guitarist Rez.

With the “Let Em Burn ” Ep now finally released through Problem Child Records in 1998 after securing a deal with the label,the band launched into a whirlwind of live dates around the U.k and once again earned a reputation for an intensely hardcore yet savagely punk live experience!

Late 1998 and the band now enter the studio (JIGSAW STUDIOS) to record their debut album “The Fear Of War” which is mixed by Tom Savage who yet further pushes the bands intensity to new levels with tight production work.Due to the volume of live dates the band had by now played,their sound had developed into a furiously tight,spiteful mix of brutishly raw Punk,Metal and Hardcore.
The album is picked up by Ian Glasper (STAMPIN’ GROUND) and released through his “Blackfish Records” label in the September of 1999.The album recieves rave reviews from music mags such as “Kerrang”,”Metalhammer” and “Terrorizer”.

Although the band split in 1999/2000,the intensity of their debut album (and only album!) is still revered even today and the fact that Piss On Authority refused to compromise the ferocity of their music,live or recorded, or indeed their political ethics, is a legacy the band still feel intensely proud of today…

Which leads us to Part Two, with Mart now relocated in Bristol it seemed P.O.A. getting back together would never happen despite all parties showing interest. Then, Pix rolls up in Bristol too and the two intend to start jamming on a new project. Summer 2011 and Ian Glasper gets in touch regarding an interview with the band for his new book on ’90s punk. Mart, Pix and Rez decide it’s unfinished business and with Rez willing to commute the reunion was almost complete. Sadly however, despite being keen on the idea, Perv decided he could not commit and reluctantly called it a day. Piss On Authority wasted no time in finding a replacement in the form of ‘Skid’, Mart’s cousin. P.O.A made a storming comeback at 2011’s Subvert Festival in Bristol. After months gigging the band were back where they belong which was at the forefront of the UK punk scene. With the word spreading that they were back in action they began to frequently gig around the country. In the Autumn of 2012 P.O.A recorded 3 new tracks in which would feature on a split with Ephemeral Foetus. The tracks are the true definition of everything P.O.A have been working towards. Shortly after Pix parted ways with the band leaving the drum stool empty. The band were determined to continue and after a relentless couple of months of trials with various drummers they eventually found, Phil Moody – One of the fastest drummers they had met. With the release of their split imminent, P.O.A continue to write, tour and destroy venues and ear drums all over the country. The future holds a lot. Watch this space.


Mart – Guitar/Vox
Skid – Bass/Vox
Rez – Guitar/Vox
Phil – Drums

CONTACT – pissonauthority@hotmail.co.uk
WEBSITE – http://www.facebook.com/POA2012