Primeval Soup

Primeval Soup

Formed from the ashes of Collective Responsibility in Nov/Dec 2009 Primeval Soup started jamming in a squatted garage in Brighton. The line up included the one and only Joe Freeth of MFT fame on second guitar but he lasted only a few months and since then the band has been a simple 3 piece set up. They played a handful of shows in early 2010 under the names Creative Hatred and The Spaz Gypsies but came to settle on Primeval Soup in early spring. Playing an energetic mix of punk, ska and reggae there first bunch of songs were a chaotic mix of of these genres. Rough around the edges and still waiting to truly find there own sound they recorded their debut album ‘Let’s Start Something’ in the summer of 2010. 12 songs were recorded, mixed and mastered in 2 days and the album is distributed by the band at gigs for free to this day. The album featured songs about animal rights, anti militarism, dumpster diving and various socio/political issues. Since recording the band have played most weekends accross the country all being benefit gigs for local campaign groups and international solidarity networks playing with the likes of AOS3, Spanner, Subhumans, Zounds, Autonomads, Headjam, Cop On Fire and Choking Victim. Their newer material of which there is plenty is similar in many ways to the tunes on ‘Let’s Start Something’ but just a lot better. Falling somewhere between UK 90s free festival ska (Culture Shock, AOS3) and US anarcho hardcore punk (Propagandhi, MDC) their newer songs are far more progressive and interesting.


Joe Public – Drums
Twiggy – Vocals/Guitar
Joel – Bass/Vocals