Rash Decision

Rash Decision

Rash Decision are a thrash/punk/hardcore band from the murky depths of Cornwall. Established in 2006, the band have wasted no time in getting to work on the live circuit both in the UK and in Europe and releasing a constant slew of records.

Taking influence from bands such as Municipal Waste, Trash Talk, The Casualties, Global Parasite, Black Flag, Zeke and Assholeparade to name a few, Rash Decision combine the frenetic precision of thrashcore with the energy of a punk band and the delivery of a hardcore band.

They have played over 500 gigs including countless UK tours and 4 headline European tours taking in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria, touring with such bands as The Plight, 2 Sick Monkeys, Global Parasite, Dead Subverts, Ed Wood, Boycott the Baptist, Mouth and many more.

Festival appearances include Southsea Fest, Boardmasters Fest, Dirty Weekender, FUK Reddin and many more independent DIY festivals at home and abroad.

Hateful, harmful and heavy.

When not punishing their transit van with their intense gigging schedule all over the UK, Rash Decision’s members can be found in other projects such as Monolithian, F.Emasculata, The Mishits, Swansong and Promethean.

Dave – Guitar / Vocals
Simon – Guitar / Vocals
Kev – Bass / Vocals
Tom – Drums

CONTACT – Davidgyll-murray@hotmail.com
WEBSITE – https://www.facebook.com/rashdecision