Band bios are a waste of time and rock stars suck. Skankshot are: anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-patriotic, anti-sexist, pro-anarchist, pro-freeculture. Skankshot live in Hamburg, Germany and play ska punk and all they will ever require for a show is petrol money, vegan food and beer (and maybe a place to sleep).

Just to get this straight: they named themselves after the Operation Ivy song Bankshot, not the derogatory term “skank”. With 3 EP’s under their belt and a split and another EP in the works the coming year is sure to be a belter for them.


Thommy – Vocals / Guitar
Schubel – Drums
Leppi – Guitar
Aaron – Bass
Mo – Trombone
Basti – Trumpet

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