Thee Infidels

Thee Infidels

Thee Infidels, a Ska-Core-Band from Frankfurt/Germany (-> Gelnhausen). They started as “Grannies Panties” in 2006. After a lot of concerts with bands from all over the world their bassplayer Andy left in oktober 2009. After a few month Eric from “Ride Your Own Tide” joined the band and gave them a new direction. With many new songs that were more agressive then ever before they had their restart as Thee Infidels in may 2010. Around 6 months later they released the “Soul For Sale”-EP. Having toured the EP until death Thee Infidels dropped off of the radar and began working on their debut full length. February 2013 saw the release of the said full length, titled “Evilution”, Thee Infidels have matured in sound and have finally tied down their style and are now ready to tour relentlessly…


Tim – Guitars/Vocals
Freddy – Drums
Eric – Bass
Joe – Guitars