Viva Zapata

Viva Zapata!

Having formed early in 2015 Viva Zapata! have wasted no time getting out there, recording a 5 track E.P released through Bristol collective Riotska Records and touring extensively, blasting out their unique blend of raucus Punk in many of the most unique DIY venues in the country.

The self-titled E.P ‘Viva Zapata!’ displays the influence of amazing female artists throughout the ages, from the Blues-inspired Punk of The Gits’ Mia Zapata to the bittersweet vocal fire of Nina Simone, from the sweeping melodies of Bessie Smith to the unbowed political ire of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna. The E.P showcases a truly unique take on heavy Punk, blending danceable grooves and crashing riffs with the soaring melody and haunting lyrics of singers Zoe B and Jenn Hart.

The band cemented their place in the alternative DIY scene touring the UK’s most unique social spaces such as Empty Shop, Durham and The Flying Duck, Glasgow, alongside artists such as Block Fort, The Tuts, Chrissy Barnacle and Sonic Boom Six. The band maintain a strong commitment to promoting equality in the Punk and alternative music community, supporting events with a commitment to creating safer spaces and speaking out about the inequalities and power dynamics that continue to exist in alternative spaces and scenes.

Zoe – Guitar / Vocals
Jenn – Bass / Vocals
Joe – Guitar / Vocals
Aimee – Drums