Obligatory End Of Year Post

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Riot Ska Records over the past year. It has been an incredibly hectic 365 days with lots of releases and gigs and plenty of sales through the web store and distro table at gigs – thank you for every penny and every kind word you may have given us.

2014 has plenty on the horizon and if we thought 2013 was busy, this up coming year is going to knock our socks off, more releases, more bands, more gigs and more tours.

Lets have it.

Much love and respect as always,

Chris, Claire & Ian


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November 2013

It has been a while since we last posted an official ‘post’ due to not having a website for a substancial period of time. However, thanks to Tommy @ Pumpkin Web Design he has gotten us back online with a brand new web store and a wicked ‘Collective’ page that gives the bands their own space on the website. On the topic of the website there are still one or two bits that need to be added, such as the Screenprinting service is yet to be launched and there is an ever growing list of distro items that need to be added to the web store. Anyway, time for an update…


Oppostion Rising (ex Toxic Narcotic/Mouth Sewn Shut) Socio-Political hardcore giants are to grace the shores of the UK for a 3 week tour in July 2014. All dates are yet to be confirmed and the route is still yet to be worked out but if you wish to book them for a gig please contact – Chris@riotskarecords.com

Absinthe Rose (for fans of Blackbird Raum/Mischief Brew) U.S Female fronted Anarcho-folk outfit, Absinthe Rose are heading to the UK in summer 2014 for a short run of gigs, the majority of which are said to be teamed up with Will Tun & The Wasters.

Dead City Riot, recently won an indiegogo campaign and were able to secure their wished funds so they can begin to record their full length. The band are heading to the studio in December 2013 and the record will be released on 12″ vinyl and supported by a U.S and European tour in 2014.

Atterkop, new additions to the label have recently recorded their debut EP at Madeof Ale Studio, Manchester. 6 tracks of dub punk for fans of King Prawn, Capdown & Five Knuckle. The EP is expected to be released in the coming months on CD/Tape with a potential for a vinyl release.

We have had a number of new CD’s land on our door step over the past 2 weeks and they will be added to the web store very soon. They are..

51st STATE – The Wild Woods CD – OUT NOW
Foolish – The Good Old Days CD – OUT NOW
Thee Infidels – Evilution CD – OUT NOW
V/A – Sweden The Deal Compilation (feat Rebuke) COMING SOON

Also, we have recently compiled a benefit downloadable compilation which was designed to help raise funds for Bristol, H.S.A to assist them, in funding their fight against the Badger Cull which is taking place in the Gloucestershire and Somerset countryside. You can download the compilation HERE… for a donation. Please give generously, its a cause that we hold dear.

Finally, We have a couple of gigs booked in Bristol, U.K. they are…

Friday 6th December – Primeval Soup, Spanner, MC Amalgam, Will Tun & The Wasters @ The Red Lion, Bristol
Sunday 16th February – Casual Nausea, Atterkop & More TBC @ The Red Lion, Bristol
Thursday 13th March – Autonomads, Atterkop & More TBC @ @ The Red Lion, Bristol

There is always a hell of a lot more going on, but we will leave that for another time. Until next time…

Thanks for all the continued support.

Chris & Claire x



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Welcome to the new RSR website. Feel free to have a look around.

We still have work to do on the site, so please bear with us. For example, Items still need to be stocked to the online store, the screen printing tab needs to updated and there are one or two bands that need to be added to the collective tab.

Until then. Enjoy


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